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What Can Cause the Check Engine Light to Come On?

I Didn't Need This Today!

We get it. If your vehicle's check engine light has come on, you're probably thinking, "I didn't need this today!" While no driver wants to see this warning, it's a helpful hint that lets you know your automobile needs attention. It's not a reason to panic. Instead, bring your vehicle to Pit Stop in Sarasota, Florida, for reliable CEL repair with one of our ASE-certified technicians.

Common Causes of the CEL Warning

The check engine light provides little specific information to the average driver beyond pointing out the need for repair. That's because there are a variety of problems that can trigger the light. For example, the issue may be as simple as a poorly fitting gas cap. The fix might make sure it's inserted properly, or you may need a new cap. Another cause might be related to your car's electrical power system. Aging spark plugs that no longer provide their best service or frayed/cracking wiring can cause the CEL alert. A tune-up that includes spark plug change and wire inspection (and replacement if needed) can remedy the situation. Other related issues include clogged fuel injectors, a bad ignition coil, etc. Exhaust system problems also account for many CEL warnings. For instance, your vehicle could have a failing sensor. Common ones include the oxygen sensor and the one that measures mass airflow. Also, a part such as the PCV or EGR valves could be to blame. Finally, your car should have a more serious problem, such as a failing catalytic converter.

CEL Repair Near You

Pit Stop is your reputable local shop for CEL repair. Our technicians will connect your car to our state-of-the-art equipment to obtain a trouble code. This indicator and our background knowledge will enable us to accurately find and fix the source of your check engine light trouble. Even better, we back those repairs with a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty.

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