Do You Need New Tires?

Do I Need New Tires?

It Pays to Ask

Perhaps you're wondering if it's time for new tires. That's a good question, and it pays to ask. Driving on substandard tires puts you at greater risk of skidding out of control--particularly in wet conditions--or for a blowout. Even in ideal conditions, your stopping distance is increased. If you're ready for new tires or need related services for those you have, see the experienced staff at Pit Stop in Venice (South Venice), Florida. Since 1997, we've been southwestern Florida's go-to destination for tire sales.

The Time is Now

Although multiple factors ultimately go into buying new tires, some considerations should make you say, "The time is now." For example, you should always monitor the general wear of your tires. You need sufficient tread to achieve traction on the road. Once your tread depth has worn below 2/32, your tires must be replaced. Keep in mind that this is the bare minimum. It may be advisable to buy new tires before you reach this point to maintain traction in your driving areas. Also, tire damage may prompt you to make a purchase sooner than you had planned. Some tire inclusions are safe to repair, while others should never be attempted. For instance, if you have a small puncture (under 1/4 inch) that lies within the tread pattern, you can usually plug the hole. (Proper procedures should be followed to ensure a reliable and safe result.) However, larger holes, cuts, and tire sidewall injuries are not safe to fix. Further, you should never try to repair a tire that has been run flat or is in poor condition. Finally, it's time to get new tires if you see signs of sidewall cracking or dry rot.

Help and Support for New Tires

The family-led team at Pit Stop wants to be sure you're driving as safely as possible. We're always happy to help you find the right tires for your car, tastes, and driving style. Also, we're here to support all your related tire care needs. These can include a wheel alignment to get you off to a good start with that new set or other routine care, such as rotating and balancing through the life of the tires. We even offer the convenience of financing and credit options to make your tire purchase a bit easier on your budget.

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