Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light in Englewood, Florida

Protect Your Vehicle: Check Out the Check Engine Light

What Lies Behind the Lamp

Did you ever wonder what your vehicle’s check engine light is trying to tell you or why you even have one at all? These are common questions that the ASE-certified technicians at Pit Stop in Englewood, FL, can help you with. For all new cars sold in our country since 1996, a second-generation check engine light is required equipment. The original idea was to limit emissions through better monitoring, but an added benefit is that the update provides universal trouble codes. Thus, no matter which brand of automobile you drive, the code obtained when we plug our OBD-II reader into your vehicle’s port will relay the same information. We can then help you get to the source of the malfunction indicator lamp and make any needed repairs. We’re easy to find in the heart of town at 1601 S McCall Englewood, FL 34223. If your car’s check engine light is on, you can make an appointment online or by calling 941-475-5838. You can just stop by, too, because we always welcome walk-ins.

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