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Wouldn’t Our Forefathers Be Proud?

Did you know that Fort Myers, Florida, was the summer home of two of our nation’s most technologically forward ancestors? Indeed both Thomas Edison and Henry Ford chose our city for their vacation estates. Given their inventive and future forward spirits, we think they’d be proud to know how far our vehicular technology has come. Automobiles today come with standard features neither man could likely have imagined. Modern transportation sold in the United States also comes with the required check engine light to help control emissions and protect our environment. Unlike an earlier warning system that was brand specific, the modern OBD-II system that’s been in place since 1996 generates universal trouble codes that cross manufacturer lines. We also think our forefathers would be pleased with how Pit Stop approaches auto repair. Even though we’re growing, we remain committed to honest service. You’ll find us just off I-75/93 at 9400 Daniels Parkway Fort Myers, FL 33912. You can reach us online or by phone at 239-240-8000.

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