How Many Tires Do You Need to Replace?

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How Many Tires Do You Need to Replace?

It Doesn't Matter, Does It?

A tire is a tire, right? So, it doesn't really matter if you just replace one, does it? It does. While, in theory, it seems that you can simply swap out a damaged tire for another, other considerations can impact your vehicle and your other tires. The experienced technicians at Pit Stop in Englewood, Florida, are happy to speak with you regarding any questions or concerns you have. Our goal is to provide you with honest information to make the right decision for you and your automobile.

Specific Considerations in Tire Replacement

When determining how many tires to replace, there are some specific guiding questions you should ask yourself. Is the damaged tire part of a new set? If you cut a new tire on road debris or otherwise sustained damage very early in the expected tread life, you may be okay to replace the single tire. However, if the tires have more than minimal wear, replacing just one tire is probably not a great idea. That's because it can lead to uneven tire wear as well as other complications depending upon the kind of vehicle you have. That leads us to the next guiding question. Is your auto two-wheel drive? If so, you're usually better off replacing tires at least two at a time. Specifically, this would entail changing the two on the axle they share. It's always ideal to change all the tires at once. However, when this isn't feasible for you, two are typically a better option than one. Changing a single tire on your 2WD doesn't usually cause damage, but your handling and wear pattern will be better with the pair. Finally, is your vehicle an all-wheel drive? If so, you should try to replace all four tires at once. That's because each wheel turns independently from the others. If one tire has significantly more or less tread depth than the others, the rotation rate is different. This could cause your drive train to sustain damage.

Your Local Shop for Tire Assistance

Pit Stop is your local shop for tire sales, answers to questions, and related services. We pride ourselves on integrity in business with a good reputation since 1997. We'll tell you honestly what you do and do not need before attempting to sell you tires. And, of course, we offer all the related tire services you're likely to need for your vehicle.

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