Is Your Car Shaking?

Auto Repair Done Right

You're Shaking, But You Aren't Cold

A Case of the Shakes

Do you have a case of the shakes? If you're shivering as you drive but aren't cold, perhaps the problem is a mechanical issue with your vehicle. The malfunction doesn't go away and may even worsen over time. Before the situation escalates, bring your vehicle for auto repair at Pit Stop in Port Charlotte, Florida. Our ASE-certified technicians can accurately diagnose and remedy the problem in any make or model.

Common Potential Causes

While we'll need to assess your automobile in person, there are some common potential causes of shaking you may want to be aware of. One possibility is poor wheel alignment. Wheel alignment impacts multiple aspects of steering and handling. If a major suspension angle is off, your tires make haphazard contact with the road, causing bouncing and shaking. Also, your vehicle might need brake repair if the symptoms occur during braking. Warped rotors could be the culprit. Moving upward, a broken motor mount could allow for significant vibration. Finally, an engine problem that impedes correct combustion may trigger a sputter and shimmy and illuminate your check engine light. If this occurs, one of our experienced mechanics will connect our OBD-II reader to your vehicle's OBD port. Reading the information from your car's onboard computer, we'll obtain a trouble code that will point us in the right direction. Then our years of expertise kick in, allowing us to take the direction provided through the trouble code to pinpoint and correct the exact problem. A Cure for the Cause

Fortunately, there's a cure for each cause of a shaking car. The solution to your vehicle's problem begins with bringing it to Pit Stop for auto repair. Since 1997, we've made reliable auto repairs with honesty and integrity. Furthermore, our work is baked by a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty.

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