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Wheel Alignment in Port Charlotte, Florida

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Signs Your Car Needs Realignment

It’s common to get a wheel alignment after purchasing a new set of tires, then every one to two years after that as part of your vehicle maintenance plan. It’s also true that most drivers will knock their car out of alignment at one point in their life. Hitting a pothole, driving over a speed bump too fast, hitting a curb, or an accident can all leave your vehicle misaligned. Aside from feeling the jolt of hitting that speed bump too fast, how do you know if your vehicle needs a wheel alignment? If you notice your vehicle pulling to one side when driving straight, a crooked steering wheel, or uneven tread wear, it’s time to drive to JSN Auto Repair in Port Charlotte, FL, so our ASE-Certified technicians can straighten things out. Continuing to drive can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on tires and parts or, worse, accidents. No one wants that! We can complete a wheel alignment on any make or model while you wait in our lobby, where we provide free WiFi. If we spot more extensive damage, we’ll alert you immediately and provide our expert advice on a course of action. We’ll never perform repairs without your knowledge. We’ve built a reputation for being transparent, and we intend to keep it that way.

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