Tips for Finding Tires

We Always Find The Best Fit

How Do You Find the Right Tires for Your Vehicle?

Form and Function

Buying a new set of tires can be stressful for some auto owners, but you don't have to be nervous when you work with Pit Stop in Fort Myers, Florida, to find the ones that are right for you and your vehicle. Tires should be about both form and function. They serve very important purposes. They support your transportation and provide the necessary traction to hold your car to the road. However, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. You can get the look to support the form and look you desire. Our dedicated, experienced team can assist you in obtaining new treads through our tire sales department. We can also support you throughout the life of your tires with related services.

Tire Buying Tips

While each person's tire buying experience may be slightly different, we can provide some general tips that will help most drivers easily navigate the process. One consideration is the size of tires your transportation needs. Tire size includes measurements of diameter, width, and aspect ratio. Also, the kind of vehicle you operate impacts tire selection. Large SUVs and trucks can use similar tires to their lighter-weight cars and small SUV cousins, but they require versions designed to carry heavier weights. Another major decision centers around the kind of tire you desire. Many drivers are very happy with the operational results they get from all-season tires. However, some enthusiasts want tires that are rated for higher speeds. These models are called high-performance tires, rated for higher speeds of highway use. Other motorists opt for specialty treads such as mud and off-road tires with knobs that can assist in navigating rough or muddy terrain. Yet another consideration is the price point. Expected tread life/warranty is, of course, tied to the initial investment.

A Local Tire Store That's Not Overwhelming

If you're overwhelmed with tire options, visit Pit Stop. We're local, and we have tire experts on staff. Yet our atmosphere is not overwhelming, and we don't place you under undue stress. We'll assist you with tire sales as you weigh your options and decide what's right for you and your automobile.

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