When Do You Need New Brakes?

We Are Venice’s Brake Specialists

When Do You Need New Brakes?

An Important Safety Consideration

Brakes. They're not a luxury option that you may or may not decide to include on your vehicle. They're not a component that you can decide to repair when the time is convenient for you. Rather, brakes are an important safety consideration. Multiple crashes occur annually because of brake failure. You can lower this risk by bringing your vehicle to Pit Stop in Venice (Venice Island), Florida. Since 1997, we've been helping drivers as they keep themselves, their families, and other motorists a bit safer by ensuring the integrity of brakes and other components through sound auto repair.

Your Automobile Is Telling You

Maybe you're wondering when it's time to get new brakes. It could be that the information you need is already being provided--by your vehicle. While it's a good idea to have your brakes inspected periodically, your automobile will often tell you when it's time for brake repair. For example, if you hear grinding or squealing when you apply brakes, it's time to bring your car in for service. This is usually a clue that your brake pads have worn below the thickness needed for safe use. The noise you hear could be either the built-in warning device included in the pads by some manufacturers or the sound of damage as metal contacts metal in the absence of a sufficient brake pad. Another signal is a spongy or soft feel when you depress the brake pedal. You'll notice that your foot feels too close to the floor. This could point to the lack of enough brake fluid which, in turn, may indicate a leak in the hydraulic system. Does your car shimmy as you're slowing down by braking? Yes, this, too, can point to a problem such as a warped brake rotor. Finally, you should have us check your car if it takes a greater distance to stop than it once did.

Reputable Brake Repair Near You

No matter what your vehicle is saying to you about its brakes, count on the ASE-certified technicians at Pit Stop. We listen to your car--and you--to make sure your brakes are as safe as they can be. Moreover, we guarantee our repairs with a warranty so that you'll know you're getting the value you deserve. Stop by today to feel more confident in your automobile's ability to stop safely.

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