Where’s the Cold Air?

No Cold Air?

What Happened to My Vehicle's Cold Air?

Suddenly Uncomfortable

What do a bad blind date and your car's air conditioner have in common? Things can go from cool to uncomfortable in a hurry if something goes awry. Sorry. We can't help you in the dating pool. However, pit Stop in Englewood, Florida, can help you with AC and other auto repairs.

Some Potential Underlying Causes

You already know that we'll need to check your automobile to correct the problem. However, we can mention a few potential causes that may disrupt the flow of cool air to the passenger cabin. For example, one of the most common issues is a lack of refrigerant. While it's possible for your unit to leak down over time, you shouldn't need a recharge very often. If you do, we'll need to search for a leak. We'll also ensure that your system is refilled with the correct refrigerant, as regulations and allowable products have changed over time to help lessen our human impact on the environment. Another problem could result from a broken wire. This can eliminate power to the AC unit, rendering it unable to operate. Finally, if the compressor fails, the process that cools the air entering the passenger cabin is disrupted. The compressor is necessary for changing the gas into a liquid form that can circulate through your car's system (which has both high and low-pressure sides). Although your best clue that something is wrong with your auto's AC is a lack of cool air, you may sometimes notice an illuminated check engine light.

Reputable Auto AC Help

When you notice a decline in your vehicle AC's performance, bring it to Pit Stop for auto repair without delay. Even if you can stand it today, the Florida heat may get you tomorrow. Our ASE-certified technicians know what to do, and a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty backs our work.

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