Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment in Englewood, Florida

Wheel Alignment and Your Car

Protecting Steering, Handling, and You

Wheel alignment is about a lot more than just wheels. It’s an adjustment of all the major suspension angles–camber, caster, toe, and thrust. These angles represent the relationship of the wheels to one another and the frame/body of the vehicle to the wheels and road. Therefore, if your automobile is out of alignment, it may not handle well (in terms of how well your tires can make contact with the road) or steer well (particularly around curves or as you turn corners). The ASE-certified technicians at JSN Auto Repair in Englewood, Florida, can assist you with wheel alignment for any make or model. You’ll find us amid the business district at 1601 S McCall Englewood, FL 34223. To make an appointment for wheel alignment, use our online scheduling feature or call us at 941-475-5838. We’ll correct any alignment problems, protecting your automobile’s steer and handling as well as, therefore, your safety.

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